Opposites attract.

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The NYTimes is running two interesting articles, both noticed by the Columbia grads (always like to know the students are in touch) about different approaches to photography…

Fashion and appropriation seem like opposites, but somehow both co-exisit in this photo world of ours…

And who doesn’t like a little Paula Abdul….



florida tone apparatus

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It is the end of the first week of December. This normally is a sad moment for me, since the birthday celebrations are winding down, but as I sit wrapped up in my blanket on this snowy Chicago night, I think about what this time means for many in the art community.

The first week of December for many is the time for Miami Basel, and the AIPAD. For a moment earlier this fall I thought about going to see the spectacle and the work. But the timing of the end of school, as well as too much travel this fall keeps me here. Plus I feel like I am a fortunate person who gets to NYC and does the Chelsea death march numerous times a year.

I guess I will follow this mega art moment on the blogs and art news channels. Hopefully something new and exciting will rage forth there. If you hear of anything good, let me know…

(By the way, I think this is the best title for a post yet.)


Where would you put your work?

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I had heard about this… but was in Target today, and did not see.  Thankfully Carla Williams did.

For some reason, I don’t think I would get one… I can’t imagine lying on one of these.

Now you have to click on the link to figure it all out…


My eyes are playing tricks on me…

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It is late, and I just watched this strange story about the rise of branding on Nightline.  The story was quite mundane, but as the blond female reporter walked through the an alley in England she described the cultural importance of scarification techniques.

What fascinated me, is as she talked and described the Abroigines culture with faces that were tattoed, or the gypsies in Europe being branded with a V, these types of modifications digitally and seamlessley  appeared on her body.  As she started to talk about American tattooing as a novelty, the mark of the ‘v’ vanished off of her chest, and  a heart appeared on her forearm.   It was odd, and visually spectacular.

Strange what this new technology is allowing commerical venues do.   Wish you could have seen it.


Isn’t it Ironic

•November 27, 2007 • 3 Comments

Just returned from my former city Rochester where I spent many a night with a glass of wine giggling about my friends absurd nature. But isn’t that what we always do with friends. Kris mocked my last post since I referenced They Might Be Giants… so my new quest is to title my posts with bad lines from songs from white bands that a respectable black women should not sing at the top of her lungs while driving in the car. If you know me, you know that I have a set of pipes.

While in the Roc, Dan and I visited the George Eastman House to see shows on gender and Masked Mexican wrestlers. But the highlight of our visit was a show titled The Tease: Burlesque Performers from the 50’s and 60s. In the days since, it has closed. But what was fascinating about these hundreds of pictures of women peforming their winks to the camera was how the images were crudly drawn on top of to add clothing. This was done to make sure these images could appropriately be hung in theater windows…

I love photography that is manipulated, but never thought of it this way… and well, isn’t that Ironic . (Okay it isn’t but neither is rain on your wedding day…)


Color Checker

•November 20, 2007 • 2 Comments

So it is rare that I have posted twice in the same week, let alone twice in the same day.. but this was fascinating to me, cause even as a photographer I had never seen this before. It is a long story but stay with me.

Cruising my blog sites (gossip, art, sewing) I saw pics from the new cover of Essence.  Love the actresses, and would be honored if Sanaa, Nia or Gaberille played me in a bio pick.

But what fascninated me more was the set shot of them posing with the color picker.  I know I am not a studio shooter but this is great. While I have worked with gray cards and color checkers I have never seen one like this...

Have you… and can you tell where and who was so smart to make a color checker that finally made sure that black skin looks elegant.

I think that Sean will be the one to respond to an answer.


If I had a million dollars

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Here and Now was a fascinating conference. And out of all of the lectures I was left with one last thought. Like the Canadian band stated if they had a million dollars they would buy a green dress.

Me, I would start collecting. Not just the work of good friends… but of artwork that I want to live with for the rest of my life. Most of it would not be photography, but other forms art that is powerful and smart. Julie Mehretu, Kehinde Wiley (who spoke honestly at the conference about the concepts and perceptions of his work), Wangechi Mutu. But in that collection would be work not by just by young black artists, but those who envision the world in such magical ways. Do-ho Suh, William Kentridge, Sigmar Polke.

My head is spinning with the longing for this work. In the last few years because of the library at RIT (which I was infamously known for having 40 books out at time) I was spoiled to have the information at my finger tips. So instead, I think I will be spending some time on Amazon to find great books about these artists.

The point. Well we can’t own it all, but we can find ways to inspired. And always think outside of your medium.